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Post by Jack4435 on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:27 pm

There is strictly 1 account per person. But if you live in a household where more than one person is registered on this free car game, please send an Administrator a personal message to let them know.

If you receive 3 warnings on your account within 3 months you will receive a 5 day suspension, after the suspension, if it happens again, you will be banned

Advertising of any form is not tollerated. If your sole intention of joining is to advertise, then you will be instantly banned - but if the link is for a justified reason, it is allowed. It is the Moderating team which decide whether the link is jusified.

Racism is a 0 tollerence and you will receive a permanent ban without warning if seen being racist. All members should be respectful to one and other.

All posts must be in English. Any posts in another language will be deleted and the player will receive a warning.

You must not, under any circumstances, remove the credits from any car you purchase from the car dealership, as someone has taken much time to make them.

You must add credits to the original artist for any parts you use on your car. You will receive a warning if caught without original credits. If you don't add them within 5 days you will receive a 5 day suspension, and if carried on, you will be banned.

Signature and Profile
You must set up the 3 pages in your profile and signature before you do anything on the forum. You can find out how to set up your profile and signature in the game guide

You profile and signature must be kept up to date at all times. Whenever you buy or sell anything, your profile and signature should be updated to reflect this.

Failure to keep your profile and signature up to date will result in a warning. If you haven't made the necessary changes within 5 days of the warning, you will receive a 5 day suspension.

Your signature must be easy to read and shouldn't have unnecessary text / images in it.

Normal members are allowed to own a maximum of 2 vehicles.

All damage must be repaired on a vehicle before they are used in races.

You must not change the name of the car. The only exceptions are: If you are accepted for a sponsorship, you may put the name of the sponsor before the name of the car - e.g Spoon Honda S2000 '00.
If you are accepted for an engine change, you may put name of the engine in the name of the car - e.g Ford Fiesta Cosworth '96 (Cosworth being the engine)

You must choose a type for your car when purchasing it (Drag, Drift, Show, Circuit).

You can not change the type for free, it costs Cr. 10,000 and is available in the parts shop.

The class of your car never changes. If you have a Class 2 car it will always be a Class 2 car, whatever the horsepower goes up to. Your car must stay on the MCC base at all times. The only exception is when entering a show, a custom base may be used.

All parts used on your car must be credited on the car base. Failure to do so will result in a warning, followed by a suspension if no action is taken by yourself to rectify the problem.

All new parts you fit to your car visually, must be bought from the parts shop before you change the image of your car.

You must buy the same class parts as the class of your car, e.g Class 1 parts for Class 1 cars.

You must buy individual parts for each car you own. You cannot buy one set of wheels and fit them to two cars.

If you remove a part, you can store it in your inventory to fit to another car at a later date.

Competitions, Races, Shows & Events
You must only enter races if you have the correct requirements. Requirements include having a certain class car, a certain amount of skill and race specific parts fitted to your car.

If you enter, for example, Drag Race 1. Intermediate League, and finish 1st - you cannot enter Drag Race 2. Intermediate League. You can however, enter any other race that you didn't come 1st in the previous race. This doesn't stop you entering Drag Race 3. Intermediate League. This is to ensure that all drivers get a chance to win, and prevents one driver winning all the races.

All competition cars must be made for the competition and can't be a tune you have already made.

All competition entries must be made by yourself and any parts used from a tab must be fully credited.

Competition cars don't have to be on the MCC base.

Only show cars can enter shows, unless the show is an "Open Event" show, in which case all cars can enter.

Show cars can't enter races.

If you came 1st in the previous show, you cannot enter the current one. You can, however, enter the next one as normal.


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