How to purchase parts from the bodywork shop

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How to purchase parts from the bodywork shop

Post by Jack4435 on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:48 pm

What is the bodywork shop?
At the bodywork shop, you can buy parts which allow you to visually modify your car. If, for example, you want to change the look of the wheels on your car, you have to buy wheels from the bodywork shop. You can then adjust the image of your car in whichever image editing software you use. You then upload the new image to a website such as and then replace the image link in your signature and profile.

How do I buy a part from the bodywork shop
Parts from the bodywork shop do not have a 'Class', so you can fit them to any class car - unlike performance parts.
Once you have found the part(s) you want to buy, simply copy the details into a new reply in that topic. If you are buying parts from more than one section, then you can use the 'Bulk Buying' topic and create one large post, with parts from multiple sections.

Standard Alloy Wheels Cr. 1,000 | 0 BHP | -15 KG
Now, simply add a calculation onto the post to show that you are buying the parts(s). If you have, for example, Cr. 5,000, your post will look something like this: Cr. 5,000 - Cr. 1,000 = Cr. 4,000

You are now ready to post the reply. It should look something like this; if it doesn't, edit your post and try again.

Standard Alloy Wheels Cr. 1,000 | 0 BHP | -15 KG
Cr. 5,000 - Cr. 1,000 = Cr. 4,000
Weight: XXX - 15 KG = Weight XXX
When buying parts you add them to your profile; not your signature. The only things you have to update in your signature are your 'Credits (Cr.)' and the specification of your car. In the case of the example, you would remove Cr. 1,000 out of your Cr. and you would remove 15 KG from your cars weight.

Profile When buying parts, you must add them to your profile under the 'Car' section. To do this, simply copy the parts from the topic you posted when you purchased them. You now just need to add up the Bhp & Kg and adjust them as appropriate.

If done correctly, your 'Car Post' in your profile should look something like this:

Standard Car [box]Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTi '76

| BHP: 110 | KG: 830 | Drive: FWD | Class 2 | Cr.7,000
Modified Car
Volkswagen Golf Mk1 VR6 '76

| BHP: 378 | KG: 709 | Drive: AWD | Class 3 | Cr.19,000
Carbon Spoiler
Cr. 600
| 0 BHP | +2 KG

Racing Single Lug Alloy Wheels
Cr. 1,500 | 0 BHP | -35 KG

Door Handle Smoothing
Cr. 200
| 0 BHP | -5 KG

Badge Smoothing
Cr. 200
| 0 BHP | -5 KG

Trim Smoothing
Cr. 500
| 0 BHP | -20 KG

Other Accesory Smoothing
Cr. 500
| 0 BHP | -10 KG


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