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How To Purchase A Car Empty How To Purchase A Car

Post by Jack4435 on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:40 pm

What is the new car dealership?
At the new car dealership you can purchase a brand new car. Because cars in this dealership are new - you get to choose which 'Type' the car is when you purchase it.

How do I buy a car from the new car dealership?
Buying a car in the new car dealership is simple. Once you have found the car you wish to purchase, and ensured you have enough credits, copy the details of the car into a new reply in that topic.

When you copy the post into your reply, the IMG tags get broken and this is how it would look if you posted it now - so don't!

Nissan 180SX Type X '96
BHP: 202 | KG: 1220 | Drive: RWD | Class 3 | Cr. 18,400
To fix this, simply right click on the image of the car you are purchasing, and copy the image location.

To do this in Internet Explorer: Right Click > Properties > Then copy the 'address URL'
To do this in Mozilla Firefox: Right Click > Copy Image Location

Then replace the 'Image' text with the following, and insert the link that you copied, in place of the 'image-link-here'

How To Purchase A Car Image-link-here

If you were to post this now, it would look like this - but you still need to do a few more things first!

Nissan 180SX Type X '96

BHP: 202 | KG: 1220 | Drive: RWD | Class 3 | Cr. 18,400
Now that the image is working, you need to choose a type for your car. You have a choice of 5 types:

Drag, Drift, Circuit, Street or Show

Please remember that it will cost Cr. 10,000 to change the type of your car so choose wisely.

Finally, simply add a calculation onto the post to show that you are buying the car. If you have, for example, Cr. 60,000, your post will look something like this: Cr. 20,000 - Cr. 18,400 = Cr. 1,600

You are now ready to post the reply. It should look something like this; if it doesn't, edit your post and try again.

Nissan 180SX Type X '96

BHP: 202 | KG: 1220 | Drive: RWD | Class 3 | Cr. 18,400

Type: Drag
Cr. 20,000 - Cr. 18,400 = Cr. 1,600

What should I do after purchasing a car from the new car dealership?
Now you have purchased the car you need to copy it to your signature and profile, and make the appropriate changes.

Firstly, add your new car to your signature by copying the details from your 'buying post'. Remember to fix the IMG tags again! You then need to update the Cr. in your signature to show that you have paid for the car.

You then need to add the car to your profile. Once again, it's the same process as before - copy and paste, then fix the IMG link (or if you copy it from your signature the image link should already be fixed!)

You must add the car under the 'Standard' and 'Modified' sections of the car section of your profile - and when you modify the car you just update the "Modified" section and leave the 'Standard' section as it is.

Don't forget to add the transaction details to the 'Money Out' section in the 'Transaction' section of your profile. To do this you simply copy the cost of the car, and set it out so you can see when you paid for it. For example:

13/07/10 - Nissan 180SX Type X '96 - Cr. 18,400


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