How to purchase an engine change

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How to purchase an engine change Empty How to purchase an engine change

Post by Jack4435 on Thu Apr 05, 2012 4:42 pm

What is an engine change?
An engine change is exactly what it says on the tin. Buy purchasing an engine change, you will be swapping the engine of your car for another one. Once the engine change is complete, you can store the old engine in your profile inventory - an engine moderator will give you the original engine specs.

How do i buy a new engine?
To buy an engine swap, post in the thread containing the engine you wish to buy, quoting the engine you would like to buy and posting the car it is to be swapped into.

You must provide proof that the engine change can be done (in the form of a website link or magazine scan etc.) If you do not provide evidence, your application will be ignored.

[box] Engine Code: RB26DETT Power: 276BHP (Class 4) Found in: Skyline R34 GT-R Cost: CR. 11,430
Nissan Silvia S14 Kouki '98

| BHP: 216 | KG: 1217 | Drive: RWD | Class 3 |

Evidence: [/box]
Once this has been posted, an engine moderator will review your application and edit your post with a box outlining the cost of the engine change (assuming it would be possible)

Once I have accepted a box, what then?
If you wish to accept a box, edit your post to show that you're paying for the change (as per any other purchase on the forum). The bhp figure of the engine is now the new bhp figure of your car and you will need to change this in your profile and signature. You can now add the original engine to your profile inventory.

Depending on the conversion, you may also need to change the weight, class and drive (FWD, RWD or AWD) of your car, but this will be mentioned in your box.

An engine change is the ONLY time you will ever have to change the class of your car.


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