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Post by Jack4435 on Thu Apr 12, 2012 11:23 am

Come here to introduce yourself to other users.
Let me start.

My name is Jack Summerill, I live in Wellington, New Zealand. My brother is Garage-X.
I am 12 Years old.


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Post by The-TG-Corporation on Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:06 pm

Hi guys, my names Tony G i live in the UK i prefer The-TG-Corporation as its more American,
I own a fantasy garage and dealership called Six-One-Nine Customs so called from Midnight club 3 DUB edition where i can make my own pixel cars and it is made up of 2 shops i made SRS and EVO Performance and a good few others i bought out from other sites and taken over shops with people letting me take them over
Introduce Yourself TheTGDealershipDoneThreadV2-1
I have done the first car The Diamond and the optional extras and i done the pixel cars the Bullet(Bugatti Veyron), The Tri-ca(Peel P50), The Smartie(Smart Car), The TG Bus(VW Bus) but they are awaiting optional extras.
The TG Custuro Buster and The TG Titan Backslider are wips atm.
But the Defender pixel car is almost done i finished the 90 station wagon and started on putting the chassis on the others and the chassis cabs just need to put the fuel tank in the back and then put them together and they are done.
I have 100s of ideas and loads of pixel cars will be made by the TG Dealership and all the sub-versions.
Bus(VW Buses and campers), Workhorse(Jeeps and trucks), Townes(Buses and coaches), Predator(Boats), Custuro(Custom And Futuristic), Titan(Semi's), Shark(Rv's and caravans), Tri-Ca(3 Wheelers), 2 Wheelers(Bikes and 2 Wheelers but awaiting good name), Tracked(Tracked Vehicles), Armoured(Armoured Vehicles), Limo(Limos Needs good names), Trailers(all trailers but not caravan), Off-Road/Buggy/Monster Truck(Needs a good name), AutoTrain(Trains that have wheels and drive on roads)

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